Ministry of Stewardship


The overall purpose of the Parish Stewardship Committee is to be responsible for planning and coordinating the education, communication, and implementation of stewardship activities. These activities - which should be aligned with the Parish Pastoral Plan – include but are not limited to: 

1. Personal study and reflection on stewardship 

2. Collaboration with others to present stewardship prayerfully and appropriately 

3. Prepare/distribute information that furthers the parish’s experience of stewardship 

4. Implement a regular process for parishioner commitment of time, talent, and treasure 

5. Ensure that accurate records of parishioner involvement and commitment are maintained

 6. Work with ministry leaders to ensure that all who volunteer are contacted on a timely basis 

7. Report to the parish the results of the stewardship education and commitment efforts 

8. Ensure that one’s stewardship of time, talent and treasure are acknowledged appropriately

 9. Evaluate your activities and processes on a regular basis 

10. Seek and train new committee members – plan for succession


Contact Persons:          Mary Kay Espejo           Nancy Chong

                                 Jacob Doolittle               Deacon LeRoy Andrews