Catholic Men's Ministry/Building Committee


Mission Statement
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)

The Men's Ministry is a group of Christian Men who meet only sporadically or as needed to encourage one another on their respective life's journey, to bolster one another's faith and to share fellowship based on Christian principles.  The ministry hopes that the time spent together helps attendees to be more Christ-like as they tend to their families, jobs and their other responsibilities.

Job Description
One of the main functions of the Men's Ministry, apart from the above, is to keep an eye on church buildings and property and to make recommendations regarding the maintenance and repairs of buildings and property. Essentially, it is the building committee that all parishes were to form following guidelines as mentioned in Witness to Jesus, the diocese's capital campaign.

The Men's Ministry is also deeply involved in helping out at parish social functions, especially the larger ones.

Contact Person:  Tommy Gomes Figueira/Jesse Terpstra